Use These Strategies to Win 13 Card Rummy Each Time

Rummy is a game of skills and quick wit. If you are up for playing 13 cards Rummy online the first clear cut step is to go through the rules of different variants of 13 card Rummy. However, knowing the rules is not enough! There are myriad skillful players out there, playing rummy like a pro. The question here is, how do you stand out and differentiate yourself from other players? Yes, you have landed on the right piece of text! knowing the winning strategy is the key. Every variant of rummy has its own set strategy. Let’s look at the strategies to win every game of 13 Card Rummy.

Simplified Stragesties for every variant of 13 cards rummy game

  • Winning Strategies for 13 Card Points Rummy
  1. The golden rule for starting with points rummy is- ‘always make a combination with at least two sequences’ out of which one has to be pure.
  2. You should remember that there can be a maximum of two sets in Points Rummy.
  3. You should make sure that you are done with meddling your cards before your opponents make valid groups and hit the finish button.
  4. The basic strategy here is that you can make 4 groups i.e. 3 groups of 3 cards and 1 group of 4 cards thereby meddling a total of 13 cards. Although you are free to make a longer sequence if you wish to.
  5. After clicking the finish button you will get Thirty Seconds to rearrange the cards into the best possible sequence and valid groups before you choose to declare.

  • Winning strategies for 13 card Pool Rummy
  1. Pool Rummy has proved to be the most thrilling variant of the 13 card rummy game. The game is available both on two table players and six table players where the game can be played with 1-2 decks.
  2. The winning strategy here is knowing all the rules of pool rummy on your fingertips and making a valid sequence/set before your opponent does it.
  3. In order to win you need to push your opponent to cross 101 or 201 points depending on the game selected.
  4. An important thing to remember here is you have to be as fast as possible in making your sequence so that you can beat your opponent’s timing and rule them out of the game.
  • Winning strategies for 13 card Deals Rummy
  1. There are further two variants of 13 cards Rummy i.e. best of 2 deals or best of 3 deals. All the strategies are similar because of the similar situation in which points rummy is consecutively played 2 or 3 times.
  2. All you need to do is make valid groups before your calendars and declare your cards.
  3. An important thing to remember is that you can make a valid declare with:
    1. A maximum of 2 sets in each hand
    2. A minimum of 2 sets, out of which one has to be pure.

Even after learning about all the basic strategies to win, something you really need for every 13 card rummy game is – invincible speed meddled with the presence of mind. As of now, you need to keep the above-mentioned strategies in your mind and you are all prepped up to win every 13 card Game Rummy online.

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